Whole 30 Tips

So we are about halfway through the Whole 30 and we have learned a few things. I am sure as we go through the next 17 days, we will learn even more but so far, these are the things that stick out:x

  1. It's really not that hard. The weekends are hard because we like to go out to eat and drink but we know it is temporary and we will get through it.
  2. We are saving money. Yes, grass-fed beef is expensive but we are saving money on going out.IMG_1485
  3. We are exercising more. The whole 30 doesn't totally address exercising but we have the energy to exercise more and more time.
  4. La Croix is everything- sparkling water that has added natural flavors, is totally compliant and heavenly for when you're a little tired of plain old water. 
  5. Sugar and soy are both in so many more packaged/jarred/canned items than you would ever expect.
  6. We snack out of habit more than out of hunger... and we are working on that. But I still believe that a pre-workout snack is important.
  7. Adjusting was challenging and we both had some times where we felt tired in week 1. My sleep has been all out of wack so now we are taking Magnesium to help with sleep. Over the past few days, I have felt my sleep improve and my energy levels are more consistent. IMG_1609
  8. There is no such thing as a perfect time to do the Whole 30. None. I don't necessarily recommend starting the week before your birthday or wedding or bachelorette party... but it is possible. We are participating during the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day. It is not ideal but we will make it work (plantain chip nachos anyone?)fridge
  9. Having a partner is so important. I don't think I could be as successful at the Whole 30 without Sean. He encourages me and I have someone to talk to about how I am feeling. Also, we eat the exact same thing (he just eats more of it) so it makes meal prep easy.
  10. DISHWASHER. We do not have one and I dream about how much easier this would all be with one. 
  11. The rules of the Whole 30 make it easy for me to say no to foods rather than obsess over them. A plate of muffins at a meeting? Before, I would have a whole internal dialog... "should I have one, should I have half? what about a bite? its just one bite... its not a big deal." Now, "oh there are muffins...can't have one...moving on."
  12. I have more energy during my work outs and I am able to push myself a little bit harder. 
  13. I can go to an event and not eat the food and still have fun and survive- this is one I am hoping to keep in mind even after the Whole 30.
  14. Homemade tastes better than store bought in a lot of cases... see recipes for homemade almond butter and salsa verde

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