Wedding Planning

I cannot believe we have been married for over 4 months! I loved everything about our wedding, even the planning and I love when friends ask me for advice, tips or my opinion about certain aspects of their wedding planning. Being asked my opinion on their wedding is flattering and it allows me to be a little bit of a wedding planner without the pressure. I googled most things when wedding planning and learned that everyone has a very unique style and opinion about wedding planing.  I do think that there are a few things that every couple should talk about when they begin to plan their wedding.



Budgetwho is going to pay and when?

Are your parents giving you a lump sum? Will they give it all at once or as things come up? What are their expectations in return (i.e. do they get to invite a certain amount of guest, choose the wine, pick the date… you would be surprised)

Are your parents paying as they go? Will you have to ask whoever is paying for their credit card every time you need to pay for something? If so, it would be good to keep track of how much you will need and when so they can be prepared.

Are you paying yourselves? Do you have all the money you will need right now or will you have to save money each month to afford the total cost in the end? If this is the case, how long will you need to save? This will
help to determine your wedding date and your timeline for making important decisions and payments.



Guest Listhow many people will you invite and who will get a “plus one”?

Oh the plus one… If you are limiting your guest list at all, you have probably
thought about who gets to bring their significant other. The general “rule” is anyone who is married (duh), engaged or living with their significant other should get to bring them no matter what. Otherwise, it is up to your discretion and what you think makes sense for your wedding and each couple.


Feeling/ Themewhat do you want the overall feeling of your wedding to be?

Playful, formal, personal, garden party, dance party, etc. This can help guide you in your venue choice, wedding dress purchase, food choices, flower choices, music, cocktail hour. For example, I knew we were going to get married in a yard with leaves and dirt and that I really wanted to dance which helped me decide on a dress that I
could really move in!


Bonus: begin to think about friends and family members who can help you based on their own talents or interests. Do you have an aunt who is also a florist… maybe she can arrange your centerpieces. What about a sister who can help make signs or party favors? People love to help and this is a great way to get people involved and potentially save you some money!