Alexis+Sean-62Wedding planning is stressful no matter if you have a big budget or a small budget, 20 people or 200 people. It is such an important day with so many details and so many people and opinions and visions.

I wanted so badly to focus on the real meaning of getting married and what my husband and I were promising to each other on that amazing day. I also wanted to look good and feel confident. I wanted to look back on photos and think that I looked beautiful and happy and I didnt waAlexis+Sean-185nt to worry about sucking in my stomach or anything else besides getting married on that perfect day. So about 6 months before the wedding, I started to think about what I should do to get in shape for the wedding. I did not want to lose a ton of weight, I just wanted to get healthy and to feel good. I starteAlexis+Sean-364d eating healthy and working out more but every time a pre-wedding event would come up, I would get caught up and over-indulge. That is when I realized I needed a lot more structure to make this lifestyle change work. Planning my meals and work outs made me feel like I was in control and helped me to stick to my goals. I cant wait to share more details about how I got wedding ready both physically, emotionally and mentally.