Pure Barre Platform: Classpass Review

Pure Barre Platform ClassPass Review

Pure Barre Platform: Classpass Review


I love Pure Barre so much that I had my birthday party there this year but sometimes I feel like I could use a little more cardio. Insert Pure Barre Platform- the same great moves from the traditional Pure Barre class with cardio bursts on the platform. 


The Details

Location: I have taken Platform at Santa Monica and Brentwood. I believe all LA studios offer Platform but these are the classes that I have found are open most often on Classpass.

Amenities: Both PB Brentwood and Santa Monica have one bathroom and one changing room. There is deodorant, hair ties, etc but nothing too fancy and no showers. I can sometimes get away with some dry shampoo and deodorant after a regular Pure Barre class but Platform will definitely make you sweat… a lot. 

Class Size: Room for about 20 but each Platform class I have taken has had 12 people or less. 

Footwear: Must wear socks and you MUST bring a towel. 

The class

Most of this fast paced class is done on the platform or incorporating it in some way. For example, you use the platform during abs to anchor your feet so you can crunch up higher. The instructor starts out by explaining the moves on the platform and orienting the class to the moves, especially the jumps. The class follows a similar flow to a regular Pure Barre class working core, arms, legs, seat and core again with a cool down at the end. There is no stretchy tube or ball in platform- just the platform and weights.

The best part of class is the jumping where you really feel like you are flying slash also working out. I love the combination of cardio and muscle sculpting moves and really feel like I am getting a well rounded workout. BUT there is one thing about the new class that I do not care for. Each move starts with slow, tempo and then ends with really rapid movements in the “double time”. This double time not only looks absolutely ridiculous, but I feel like I might be injuring myself. There is no way that pulsing that fast can be good for me so I have chosen to modify by not doing the double time. One of the things I really love about barre classes in general is that I feel protected because the movements are so small and controlled and I think some of this is lost on this class trying to get more of a cardio workout in. 

Pure Barre Platform: Classpass Review


All in all, I think if you make the right modifications and listen to your body that this is an amazing class to add in to your schedule when you want a low impact high cardio workout.