Mighty Pilates Santa Monica: ClassPass Review

Mighty Pilates

Mighty Pilates Santa Monica

When I finally fulfill my dream of opening my own Pilates studio, I can only hope it looks just like Mighty Pilates. The 2nd story studio has adorable decorations and so much natural light coming through each side. I was instantly happy and motivated as soon as I walked up the stairs and in the door. This studio is incredibly popular in San Francisco and just opened on beautiful Montana Ave in January. I had the day off on Friday and I love trying new studios that I can’t normally get to during the week. I loved this studio and class so much that I am even more bummed that I don’t have every Friday off to take this class! Luckily, they offer 10 classes a day and many of them are on ClassPass. 

Mighty Pilates Santa Monica

This review is for the the studio and specifically the TRX/Reformer Combo with Sara.

Location: 625 Montana, Suite M Santa Monica CA 90403 (On Montana and 7th across from Starbucks on the 2nd Floor)

Parking: Free lot in the back and street parking in the neighborhood. 

Amenities: Two bathrooms with one shower, blow dryer and towels. They have cubbies and a water bottle filling station. Towels are provided.

Shower: One

Class Size: I took the TRX/Reformer Combo which was full with 10 people. 

Footwear: you can wear shoes for the TRX part and change in to socks for the reformer or wear grip socks for the whole class. 

The class:

This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. I know- bold statement. The class was challenging, had a great variety and flowed very well. The teacher Sara pushed us but was motivating, encouraging and positive. I left feeling accomplished and knowing I would be sore the next day. 

We started in the TRX room where everyone had their own station with a mat, ball and spring wall. We did three circuits of three different exercises. Circuit one was TRX pull up, squats and crunches. Next was chest press, back squat and mountain climbers and finally, bicep curl, jump lunge and planks. My heart rate was up and I was sweating by the end of these circuits. Sara did a great job of correcting our form and giving modifications. I would recommend having some knowledge of how to use the TRX but Sara was patient and demonstrated each move before we started. Mighty Pilates Santa Monica

Next, we moved over to the jump-board which I had actually never done before. It was a great lower body workout and we incorporated weights to work our upper body as well. I really enjoyed using the reformer in a new way and who doesn’t love a leg and butt workout where you get to lay down?Mighty Pilates Santa Monica

Mighty Pilates Santa Monica
Form Correction: Sara did a great job of individually correcting everyone’s form. She gave modifications for people with injuries or sensitivities and gave options for challenge moves if you wanted to work a little harder. 

Mighty Pilates Santa Monica

I will absolutely be back to this studio and look forward to trying the variety of classes they offer. Next time, I will also be shopping or enjoying a drink or coffee on Montana Ave which happens to be one of my favorite streets in Los Angeles. Thanks Mighty Pilates!