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LIT (Low Impact Training) Method

LIT Method West Hollywood Class Review

Location: 8474 W. 3rd street Unit # 214, Los Angeles CA. 90048 (across from the Beverly Connection)

Parking: Park in the lot right in front!

Amenities: One bathroom, cubbies and a water bottle filling station. Towels are provided.

Shower: Nope

Class Size: There are 14 rowers and both classes I have taken were nearly full. 

The class:

The motto of LIT Method is "build you not break you". As soon as I heard that, I wanted to sign up. I love a class that is encouraging and pushes me but is also designed to make sure I do not get hurt in the process. Usually, this means limited or no cardio so when I also heard that this class was a no-joke work out and low impact, I was sold. You can read more about their method here.


LIT has 14 water rowers and as soon as you walk in, they write your name on your rower. I love any class where the instructor calls you out by name so this is a great touch. The class is a combination of cardio with the rowers and work with resistance bands and TRX. The classes I took were both a little bit different- one had more time on the rower and we did 4-5 minutes of solid rowing and then moved to the resistance bands and then back to the rower for another 4-5 minutes. The second class was more TRX and resistance focused and we did three 30-second sprints in between each floor circuit. We used resistance bands and TRX  and had a good balance of cardio, arms, abs and legs. We used the rowers for tricep dips and even stood over the rower and used the resistance to do bicep curls. I liked the creativity and the class moved fast and had a great flow and I was definitely tired, sore and sweaty by the end.

The music is loud, the lights are low and the rowers light up to create a very fun and motivating atmosphere. 

TRX at LIT Method

Hubs Review: Hubs doesn't have as hard of a time with high impact like running as I do but he still thought this was a great work out!

Form Correction: The instructors do a good job correcting form and they have an extra instructor in each class. He or she comes around and provides encouragement and corrects form. I was put off by this a little at first but it was nice to have a little more motivation. 

My only critique: I would love it if they would make a playlist that goes with the work out. The instructors change the songs as often as my husband does in the car... and it drives me nuts. But if that is my only critique, I think LIT Method is doing pretty well!


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