Imperfect Produce: Ugly Fruits and Veggies Delivered

Imperfect Produce is a produce delivery service that sort of works like an animal rescue organization. There are fruits and vegetables that aren’t “pure bread” and have something ugly or “wonky” about them that prohibit them from getting in to the super market.

This could be because the product is too big, too small, or too ugly or because there was an overabundance or the market changed their mind. This produce would go to waste if it weren’t for Imperfect Produce. They go in a rescue these fruits and veggies and find them a new home- yours!

When I got my box, I was so surprised to see that most of the produce looked like something I would certainly purchase from the store or at a farmers market.

How it works:

Order your box to be delivered (current delivery in Bay Area and Los Angeles). You choose between Regular Mixed Box, Organic Mixed Box, All Fruit or All Veggie.

The cost depends on what size you order and where you live.

Small Boxes range from $11-$17 and include 7-9lbs of produce

Medium Boxes range from $14- $24 and include 11-13 lbs of produce

Large Boxes range from $20- $43 and include 23-25 lbs of produce

This is what was included in my box:

The company is so cute with its marketing (see above photo) and have a great mission to decrease waste and hunger. They send a card that asks you to take a picture with the “wonkiest” piece of fruit or veggie you have in your box and post a photo and they will donate 5 pounds of food to a food bank.

They also share great tips for storing all the fruits and veggies.

Even better- there are recipes for how to use most of the veggies they send! Yay for new recipes and fun new ways to use the vegetables in my kitchen.

Head over to to find out if they deliver to your neighborhood!