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  • Pecan Crusted and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes are my jam- my yam jam I’m Back! Hello- it has been awhile! I was traveling for a few weeks with hubs (recap post to come!) and recovery took longer than expected this time around. Jet lag was rough and I didn’t get back to my regular work outs and eating until last week. While I continue to eat healthy post- vacation, I also realize that the Europeans are really doing it right in a lot of ways. Now, that is not to say that I am eating a pastry, espresso and a […]
  • Easy + Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
    Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Is there a calendar out there on the internet somewhere for all the national food holidays? I am certainly not complaining about them all- just want to make sure I am keeping up! Today we celebrate one of my long time loves- peanut butter. Would you believe me if I said that I used to eat Eggo waffles with Skippy peanut butter and syrup every. single. morning. of my elementary, middle and high school days. And not the good quality syrup either, it was the sugar […]
  • 5 Ways to Keep Up Your Energy Without the Crash
    I love coffee. But that alone won’t sustain my energy throughout the day.  As much as I need enjoy my one cup of coffee, I also know the importance of sustainable energy for my work day, work outs and adventures. I also know that this doesn’t have to be hard whether you are a 12 hour shift nurse, a yoga instructor, a mountain climber or a data analyst. Below are my recommendations for small changes that can have big results when it comes to sustaining your energy all day or giving […]
  • Turmeric Latte
    Turmeric Latte aka Golden Milk Latte Have you seen turmeric everywhere? Here in LA we have it in coffee shops, on ice cream cones, in skin care products and in all the juices. Turmeric has been noted for years for its anti-inflammatory benefits both in our bodies and on our skin.  Recently, main stream media and health enthusiasts have made turmeric a top wellness item of 2017. I have been adding turmeric in to almost all veggie and meat dishes because it adds a nice flavor and health benefits […]
  • Recipe: Valentine Superfood Chocolates
    Happy Valentine’s Day! These are healthy and delicious candies to make for your Valentine or Galentine Happy Valentine’s Day! I was lucky enough this year to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year with an amazing group of bloggers who made all kinds of health(ier) and delicious treats. Everyone made something unique and delicious. We were out of town the days leading up to the party so I wanted to make something super easy and no-bake. I also wanted to make something bite sized […]