About Me

I am a 28 year old wife, daughter, friend, sister and social worker. I love coffee, cooking, pilates, craft beer, Instagram, FRIENDS, long walks and good conversations. I hope to share my tips for a balanced life with you all.


Balance Bride came about when I was preparing for my wedding and wanted to be healthy and fit while still enjoying my engagement and having fun! But my quest for balance began well before my engagement. I was diagnosed with cancer at 15 and ever since my treatment ended 12 years ago, I have struggled with the questions: how do I live for today and enjoy each moment while also planning for a long and healthy future? How do I balance my long term health with my short term happiness? And how are both of those so connected? 

While that was a significant experience in my life, I believe we all work to find balance on a daily basis. We balance countless aspects of our lives- we balance work with play and eating healthy with treating ourselves. We balance emotions all day long and we balance living in the present with planning for the future. I created balance bride to talk about my journey to find balance through healthy eating, mindful indulgences and exercise.