66 Blue Apron Meals and Counting

We love to cook and try new recipes but don’t always love to plan all of the recipes and buy more than we need. Meal delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh deliver ingredients that allow us to make our own delicious meals without all the planning, prepping and left over ingredients. I was originally going to post a comparison between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh but I had a lot to say about each so I decided to do 2 different posts!

We have received Blue Apron 11 times in the last 6 months.


Plan-types: 2 person (3 deliveries weekly) for $59.99– this is what we do.

or family size which serves 4 (2 deliveries is $70 or 4 deliveries is $140 weekly).

Delivery Day: Varies by your location. I am able to receive my delivery by 5pm on Tuesdays which I love but some friends who live just a few miles away don’t get their delivery until after dinner time.

Dietary Preference Options: Vegetarian (yes or no) if no, then the following options are available for you to check off:

Beef, poultry, fish, lamp, pork and shellfish.

Each week you are given 6 meal options to choose from but once you choose 1 then the group narrows to 2 others to choose from. In other words, you do not get your pick of all 6- there are only certain combinations that you can order.

Portion size: Perfect for hubs and a little too much for me. Most recipes are between 600 and 800 calories.

Blue Apron has also added a wine pairing service which is $70 for the month for 6 wines. I have not tried this… yet.

What I love: I love the way everything is packaged and you only get the ingredients you need.

I love the step by step recipes with pictures which are very clear and make following directions easy.

I love the variety of recipes and use of ingredients that I might not think to try on my own.

I love the ease and convenience of getting all ingredients delivered to my door.

I think you get a good amount for the price– it is definitely more expensive than just shopping and cooking on your own but much less than going out to eat.

I LOVE cooking with hubs and that we both start with the same ingredients and directions.

I love that the website has the recipes so I font have to save the recipe cards that come in the box. They also keep a record of everything you have ordered so you can go back and find them later.

The website also shares tips on how to make certain things that you might not be as familiar with.

I love that they use seasonal ingredients and everything is FRESH!

Meat and Seafood is vacuum sealed so you can push a meal to the next week if you need to or freeze it to make much later.

You can skip any week or weeks with out limitation by 9 am 6 days before.

Recipes I have loved:

Curry Spiced Chicken Thighs with Sugar Snap Peas and Fingerling Potatoes


Arepas de Carne Molina with Avocado and Pickled Jalapeno 


Ras el Hanout Chicken Pitas with Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Tabbouleh


Summer Squash and Squash Blossom Quesadillas with Mexican Style Corn on the Cob


Seared Salmon and Panzanella with Corn, Shishito Peppers and Thai Basil


Thai Green Coconut Curry with Sorrel Salad and Creamy Barley

Other Delicious Recipes: 


Stir-friend Sezchuan Eggplant


Romano Bean and Barley Risotto


Salmon Burgers


Chicken Picatta


New-England Style Shrimp Rolls



Crispy Fried Chicken


Cornmeal Crusted Catfish


Cod and Miso Soba Noodles


Vietnamese Chicken Wings


Vadouvan Spiced Lamb Burger


Spiced Meatballs


Three Cups Chicken


Tomato and Goat Cheese Pie



My number one biggest complaint is the packaging. I do not understand why the mustard, dressings, butter, etc all come in plastic containers with ridges that make it absolutely impossible to get all of it out of the container. I do not understand how this has not been remedied. It’s really not that big of a deal but it drives me insane.

Sunday or Monday delivery would be nice so you have more time in the week to make the recipes!

We have had 2 incidences of spills in our box before we got it- one included an exploded watermelon. Customer service was great and sent us a complimentary week of meal. But the next time something happened (although less disastrous than the watermelon), they only credited us $10 even though some things were ruined from the spill.


There is no way to accommodate other dietary needs (i.e. gluten-free, vegan, peanut allergy, etc). There are other meal service options that do accommodate these needs so if you have dietary restrictions, I would check them out.

Summary: We love Blue Apron and share meals with friends whenever we get free ones. It is not as economical as grocery shopping and is a little less healthy than we like to eat on weeknights. We continue to use this service once or twice a month to mix it up and cook together. Overall, the recipes are delicious and we have a great time cooking together.

Tip: you can choose to donate your meals for the week rather than receive them. This means that Blue Apron matches the dollar amount of your order to help local food banks.